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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Web hosting will increase your web performance and power efficiency if you use the newest generation of servers. The latest 64-bit Dual, Quad-Core Intel® Xeon® processors deliver performance gains of up to 63% over the previous generation Quad-Core processors.

The appearance and function of your website represent the kind of business you conduct. Invest in a website that is a true reflection of your services in design and functionality.

The Benefits of Professional Web Hosting

Your hosting plays a vital role in the success of your business. If your website has a noticeable amount of downtime or slowness, your prospects and customers will be upset. Additionally, websites with too much downtime get SEO penalties, which will derail your online marketing efforts. In other words, Google will move you down in their organic search rankings, and you’ll get less traffic to your website. That’s why reliable web hosting is key.

Other Web Hosting Problems You May Run Into

  1. Data Management- Web hosts may limit your data, which affects your content marketing. The images, blog posts, PDF’s, videos, etc. that you upload to the CMS will take up space. Make sure you have enough data for your needs.
  2. Email Accounts- Certain web hosts will limit the number of emails you can have on the domain. This is especially true with free hosting.
  3. Security- Better web hosting options have better security features, protecting you from getting hacked.
  4. Data Recovery- With some web hosts, you’re completely on your own for backing up data. Other options make it easier or do it for you.

Make sure your web hosting provides exactly what you need. Our certified IT experts will give you a free assessment of your current web host provider.

Our List of Web Hosting Benefits

Basic hosting from $7.50/Mth:

  • Dual, Quad-Core Intel and Xeon processors
  • Performance gains of up to 63% more than competitors
  • Dual 1600MHz FSB facilitates better speed
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) hosting
  • 64-bit memory addressability provides scalability for large memory footprint applications
  • Scaleable
  • Linux, Microsoft

Is your current web host provider unreliable? Add dependable web hosting alongside a managed IT package today.

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