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Global IT provides lightning-fast tech and IT support for hospitality businesses. Furthermore, Global IT provides reliable managed IT for hospitality organizations of all sizes. We’ve managed some of the largest hotels in the country. Our experience ranges from high-end hotels to individual restaurants to restaurant chains. Additionally, Global IT understands the importance of supplying the highest level of customer service. We provide superior services and support that our competitors don’t. With 24 x 7 monitoring and IT, our support services work around the clock to help maintain continuity and productivity. Moreover, Global IT provides proactive monitoring and rapid support to ensure greater service availability. This results in fewer interruptions to your operations.


Tech and IT Support for Hospitality Businesses in Los Angeles

At Global IT, our industry-leading customer satisfaction and a proactive approach to IT solutions is the reason why we are confident that we can offer the highest quality products and solutions that meet your needs and budget. Our experienced technician can assist you with any technical challenges you encounter. We offer specialized troubleshooting for the following software and programs.

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  • 24 hour, 7-day monitoring, desktop, infrastructure management, and technical support services
  • Virus, malware, and firewall security services to protect your critical files and information
  • Cloud services and software
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts of devices, networks, applications, and system processes
  • Hardware or software management, purchasing, and replacement
  • Email spam protection Los Angeles and OC hotels
  • Highly dependable telecom and ISP services with automated fail over for maximum uptime
  • Telecom Services
  • Continuity, back-up, Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Colocation Services

We offer the highest quality telecom and ISP services in addition to proactive system monitoring and a full suite of security solutions. For most of our hospitality clients, we have conducted infrastructure audits and saved thousands of our client dollars by reorganizing their infrastructure and renegotiating contracts. Please contact one of our experienced hospitality representatives at 877-822-5565 or

Network Infrastructure

A well-designed, dependable network is vital to the health of all major organizations’ day-to-day operations. Global IT Communications provides network consulting services that help companies manage their network infrastructures. Our service offering revolves around core organization requirements:
Global IT Communications network infrastructure solutions enable our clients to implement new technologies, increase efficiency and align their infrastructure with their business goals.

Customized all-inclusive, flat-rate packages:

With today's instant communications access requirements, organizations will find it difficult to be productive without some type of reliable wireless connectivity. In today's busy and demanding communications environment, creating a well-engineered wireless infrastructure explicitly tailored for uptime and speed is necessary. From tourism and hospitality to amusement parks, ski resorts, warehousing, high-end residential, or the local coffee shop, Global IT can engineer the right solution to meet any wireless need.

There are many essential details when planning to add wireless access points to a business or high-end residential Wi-Fi network. Global IT wireless and network design teams will provide end-to-end consulting and installation through ought the process of selecting the appropriate hardware, procurement, cabling, installation, configuring, and testing before going live.

Our service begins with our design Engineers conducting a thorough site survey at the location. Once complete, we suggest the ideal locations for wireless access points to maximize coverage zones, ensuring the highest quality of service for your voice, video, and data communications.

Smart Wireless Technology:
With the Global IT Smart Wireless technology, we can achieve a level of efficiency that basic wireless configurations and devices cannot. Expert configured Smart Technologies can deliver reliable Wi-Fi connections with a more extended range that extends past traditional wireless obstacles. It is designed to mitigate interference and focus RF (Radio Frequency) signals to where it's needed. This ensures maximum coverage and consistent performance at longer ranges and reliability of the connection.
  • Heat mapping and network planning
  • Bandwidth management
  • Cloud controllers
  • Fully managed wireless solutions
  • Outdoor access points
  • Power over Ethernet - POE
  • VPN alternative net options
  • Wireless security, separate LANs
  • Maintenance contracts
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Institutions should prepare sufficiently for the future dynamics of security threats. Most importantly, the employees' response needs to be, at a minimum, in line with the latest HiTrust and NIST standards to ensure that appropriate mitigation strategies are embraced in the event of an attack.

In crisis situations that come with cybersecurity incidents, the importance of making informed and proactive decisions promptly can directly be quantified by the amount of money and lives saved from a potential crisis. A risk-informed decision-making approach is critical in mitigating security vulnerabilities.

Our packages include compliance-driven IT policies and governance if you are a customer of Global IT MSP services. Global IT strictly adheres to current IT standards, frameworks, and policies that help protect customer technical environments and alleviate worry.

Compliance IT Provider
  • HiTrust Certified
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • CMMC 2.0 Compliance
  • PCI DSS Certified
  • SOC Compliance
  • Compliance testing
  • Vulnerability testing
  • In-line network flow monitoring and reporting
  • NIST, CMMC 2.0
  • ISO 27001, 27002
  • ISMP, Policies and Procedures
When working with the healthcare industry, our trained and certified engineers understand the importance of intercepting new threats and new government compliance requirements. So our technicians and systems, stay proactively engaged with IT governance, monitoring solutions, and resources that meet complex security needs. Also, Global IT brings together an array of IT consulting services from strategic planning and system integrations to IT infrastructure audits, security penetration testing, and systems monitoring. Global IT offers the following services to the healthcare industry: HIPAA Compliance IT Provider
  • Everything IT, including HiTrust, HIPAA compliance
  • 24 hour, 7-day monitoring, desktop, infrastructure management, and technical support services
  • Virus, malware, and firewall security services to protect your critical files and information
  • Network flow monitoring & penetration testing
  • Cloud services to securely store confidential client information offsite
  • Proactive monitoring and alerts of devices, networks, applications, and system processes
  • Hardware or software management, purchasing, and replacement
  • Highly dependable telecom and ISP services with automated failover for maximum uptime
  • Telecom Services
  • Continuity, back-up, Disaster Recovery
  • Managed Colocation Services
Hospitality Tech Support Enhancing Customer Experience:
The hospitality industry is increasingly relying on technology to provide rapid results for customers. Hotels, restaurants, and retail companies must provide a consistently positive experience for customers across all operations from online, call centers, security, and in house.

Hospitality Experts:
Global IT has connected a large range of businesses through facilitating communications, networking, and security. If you are interested in improving your organization's ability and efficiency when responding to customer needs, trust reliable Global IT solutions that enhance the hospitality experience.

Customized all inclusive Hospitality tech support packages: blank
Managing the many 3rd party vendors related to IT can be a task in itself. How do you track and confirm their work, returns (RMA), invoicing, credits, and scheduling with other parties?

Improving vendor relations:
Vendor and customer communication are often broken down through translation resulting in lost confidence in completing tasks, delays, and unsatisfactory customer service.

Vendor management experts:
With our hundreds of customers, our technicians and administrators are accustomed to the many moving pieces within the diverse organizations. Highly trained employees and internal ticketing systems track and help hold vendors accountable for their tasks, and verification can be made by Global IT personnel.

Expert experience: With the understanding of vendor pricing, Global IT brings a broad perspective on pricing and negotiations. Our approach always reduces client spending returning profits to the establishment.


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Hotel Owners Around Los Angeles Rely on Global IT for Great Tech Support

I Would Recommend Global IT 100%!

four points sheraton lax

Phil Baxter the general manager of the Four Points Sheraton was worried about his Yelp reviews.

Guests were complaining about his rivals slow wi-fi and wi-fi outages. These flustered visitors were taking their complaints to Yelp, driving down their ratings. Phil was concerned he would be next.  After all, his internet speed was average at best. Average wasn’t good enough for Phil. He wanted top-tier wi-fi speed. More importantly, he wanted to 100% safeguard against an outage. If customers lost their Wi-fi access for one night, they would take their complaints straight to Yelp.

Phil wasn’t going to let that happen. He decided to do a comprehensive search for IT companies.  Besides improving his wi-fi, he wanted someone reliable to manage his IT. After a lot of research, Phil found Global IT.

“We needed a soup to nuts IT solution for the Four Points by Sheraton LAX. After interviewing a number of firms we chose Global IT. They handled the needs of our group and catering business as well as taking control of our WIFI, telecommunication, and administrative needs for the 566-room property at LAX. They are 100% reliable. This is critical in the 24/7 hotel business when systems can fail at any time and materially affect our customer satisfaction and bottom-line. I would recommend Global IT 100%! ”

Phil B.

We Highly Recommend Their Managed IT Services


Global IT has been our DIA provider for over 7+ years and our Cloud and Managed IT provider for 5+ years (from 2012). Since we have been working with Global IT our infrastructure has stabilized and our network is secure. Global IT handled an office expansion for us with no issues. We highly recommend their Managed IT services because they provide hands on support. All calls go direct to a certified engineer and trouble tickets get resolved quickly and precisely.

Sam J.

Extremely Professional, Very Timely and Very Courteous


I have had the pleasure of working with the Global IT team for quite some time on multiple projects. I have found the staff to be extremely professional, very timely and very courteous; all qualities I look for in any partnership. Along with Global IT’s service, the work they have provided as been flawless. I would strongly recommend Global IT, and their Team.

Jill J.

GLOBAL IT Is Ready, Willing and Responsive to Our Every Need


We have partnered with GLOBAL IT for over 11+ years and have thoroughly enjoyed our professional relationship. The staff at GLOBAL IT is ready, willing and responsive to our every need. Their impressive growth trend is clearly the result of a results driven company who has never forgotten the importance of the personal touch.

Dave G.
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