RCF- Remote Call Forwarding

RCF- Remote Call Forwarding

The Global IT remote call forwarding services (RCF) allows businesses to keep any phone number and remote call forward inbound calls into another number or location anywhere throughout the USA. Forward voice calls or text messages to any destination. Changes to forwarding can be applied through our support desk by calling 877-822-5565 x 1.

Basic Features

  • Port your old numbers (LNP)
  • Flat rate call forwarding options
  • RCF includes two (2) paths = 2 calls at one time
  • USA and worldwide options

Remote call forwarding is also known as PSTN forwarding. It allows you to redirect calls and texts to other phones and locations. For instance, you can forward calls to an external location, your private cell phone, or another office phone. This is especially vital when there's an emergency. If your internet service is out, if your internal network is unavailable, or if your power is down, simply redirect incoming phone calls to working numbers.

Benefits of Remote Call Forwarding Services

  • You have the flexibility to forward some or all of your calls.
  • Give yourself a safety net. Set up multiple failsafe redirections to ensure your important calls are answered 100% of the time.
  • Forward calls to different numbers depending on the time. You can customize your schedule down to the minute so the call always goes to the right person.
  • Give your business a local presence with a local area code. Then forward those calls to your office.
  • Save time by forwarding customers to instructional extensions. Not every customer needs (or wants) to talk to a person. Answer their most frequently asked questions with helpful automated response instructional extensions.
  • Don't let a marketing opportunity go to waste. Forward callers to promotional recorded greetings. Sell your goods and services, enhance your brand, or play music while customers wait to talk to your staff.

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