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    Testimonials – 1

    Alex. C
    Property Manager

    Our company managed 30,000 sq ft (3 stories with a basement and very thick double walls plus concrete cinder block) house in Beverly Hills with 1.5 acres or backyard. The homeowner always complained of spotty and slow internet access (with TP Link commercial 25 WiFi access points). Full signals but very slow internet access, always disconnect when moving between access points) plus no internet access in the backyard. We called Ubiquiti Networks and they referred us to Global IT (their preferred service partner), talk to Tony (owner) and he gives us a detailed proposal that covered the 3 stories house plus backyard. The installer and network engineer are very knowledgeable. They are Ubiquiti Networks Certified installer. They worked very clean, traced all wires, and install access points in areas to cover the whole house. These are the itemized product that Global IT installed: – 20 UniFi AC in wall for all bedrooms – 9 UniFi AC LR (long-range) and AC HD for hallways and common areas (gym, parking garage, spa, and home theatre) – 1 UniFi Mesh Antenna for backyard – (2) UniFi 48 ports 500 watts PoE managed switch At the end of the job, the owner of the house are very happy, they have High Speed (with 70 guests when they have a party) internet without any dead spots in the house and backyard. Global IT also managed the Access Points via the cloud to make sure everything is working as suppose to be and balanced the load. gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 2

    Dayna T.
    General Manager

    Global IT is terrific from the installation through using the service. Scheduling an appointment was incredibly easy. They actually gave a 1 hour window so you don’t have to wait for hours like you do for Comcast. Their service is also phenomenal. We previously had Comcast and often suffered from slow connections during peak evening hours. Now, we get service from GLOBAL IT that ranges anywhere from 200-500 Mbps and has not once had a buffering issue. It’s awesome. Stop reading and go sign up! gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 3

    Janet Z.
    President. Janet Zavala Coaching

    I’d been limping along, creating and updating my website on a platform that was not easy to navigate. Add in the fact that I’m just not very good at that sort of thing and have even less patience. I started researching web design companies and was again pretty intimidated by the process. Intimidated by the prices I was quoted and intimidated by all of the technical language. I finally reached out to Global IT. When I spoke with Jayme she “got me”. She didn’t overwhelm me with a lot of jargon. She listened to me and my needs. The entire process was painless and seamless with regular check-ins on status and preferences. She gave me clear direction on what I needed to do on my part to ensure the functionality that I requested was built. I couldn’t be happier with the end product. The cost was reasonable and the service was exceptional. Global IT embodies a no pressure and relaxed atmosphere while also driving for incredible results. If you’re looking for technical services and support of any kind, I couldn’t recommend Global IT any more highly. yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 4

    Susan K.
    General Manager. Penn Records Management

    Have used this company for (3) years and they are always prompt to problem solve any situation. Highly pleased with their service gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 5

    Rich S.
    President. Sailer Law Firm

    Great customer service and responsive staff. Had my business server taken hostage by ransomware. Global IT was able to get me back in action within a few hours with no data loss. They did such a fantastic job I went ahead and outsourced my IT needs with them.

    Update 4/5/17- I hired Global IT to take over my office IT, 6 months later and not a complaint. Great Company, great service!

    yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 6

    Sam J.
    Senior Vice President. Mr. C Hotels

    Global IT has been our DIA provider for over 7+ years and our Cloud and Managed IT provider for 8+ years (from 2012). Since we have been working with Global IT our infrastructure has stabilized and our network is secure. Global IT handled an office expansion for us with no issues. We highly recommend their Managed IT services because they provide hands-on support. All calls go directly to a certified engineer and trouble tickets get resolved quickly and precisely. gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 7

    Phil B.
    General Manager. SBE Group

    We needed a soup to nuts IT solution for our 566-room property in Los Angeles. After interviewing a number of firms we chose Global IT. They handled the needs of our group and catering business as well as taking control of our WIFI, telecommunication, and administrative needs for our large and very busy property in Los Angeles. They are 100% reliable. This is critical in the 24/7 hotel business when systems can fail at any time and materially affect our customer satisfaction and bottom-line. I would recommend Global IT 100%! lk5 Star

    Testimonials – 8

    Walter C.
    President. Charles Dunn Company

    Global IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecom and IT, gained over decades of experience. Their technical teams have the ability to adapt to dynamic environments and offer highly technical, always cutting edge service. There is few talents in the IT industry who succeed to the degree Global IT does. If you are working on web-related, telecom related or IT related projects, chances are Global IT can help you at a fraction of the cost and time you were probably looking at. lkblank

    Testimonials – 9

    Jill J.
    General Manager. Malibu Beach Inn

    I have had the pleasure of working with the Global IT team for quite some time on multiple projects. I have found the staff to be extremely professional, very timely, and very courteous; all qualities I look for in any partnership. Along with Global IT’s service, the work they have provided has been flawless. I would strongly recommend Global IT and their Team. 5 Star

    Testimonials – 10

    Dave G.
    General Manager. Friendly Hills Country Club

    We have partnered with GLOBAL IT for over 11+ years and have thoroughly enjoyed our professional relationship. The staff at GLOBAL IT is ready, willing, and responsive to our every need. Their impressive growth trend is clearly the result of a results-driven company that has never forgotten the importance of the personal touch. gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 11

    Carol Crosby
    Executive Director. Whittier Area Chamber of Commerce

    Global IT employees are experts in their field. They are polite, punctual, and great problem solvers. I would recommend Global IT for any IT needs your company has. lk5 Star

    Testimonials – 12

    Jim O.
    President. Whittier Fertilizer

    We were lucky to find Global IT back in 2008. Whittier Fertilizer has grown since and we can attribute much of our success to our partnership with Global IT.
    Our website has grown from a standard 5-page website to a 100+ page website, with user engagement every day. They handle everything IT, which allows our operations to not only run smoothly but continue to grow.
    When we have technical issues, the Global IT techs are quick to find the solution. They have set up the proper backup and security in place which gives us peace of mind. If you are looking for a vendor with years of experience in all fields of technical, Global IT is your go-to IT company.
    gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 13

    Cisco C.
    Senior Director of Engineering. Fusion Telecommunications International

    Tony, is a highly detailed and motivated entrepreneur. Tony has many contacts in the industry and is able to leverage those contacts to provide value-added services to his partners and customers. Tony is a great resource for anyone in the technology space, reliable, dependable, and always delivers. lk5 Star

    Testimonials – 14

    Richard Valle, Jr.
    Vice President. Business Phones Direct

    Global IT has the most professional group of Internet individuals I have ever come across. We would highly recommend Global IT for any PC or Networking setup and maintenance, as well as any social media marketing your company may need to be taken to the next level!! Thank you for all your continued support gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 15

    Josh H.
    IT Manager. Murphy Obrien Public Relations

    We’ve been using Global IT for years now and their service has always been great. This weekend, however, they upped their game even more. One of our providers went offline. I only found out because Global IT notified me via text on the weekend. Monday morning I got a follow-up from Global IT that they’d scheduled a technician to come out. By 9:30 MONDAY MORNING, a tech had been to our office and gotten our circuit back online. And no one from my company had to so much as lift a finger. Before moving to full-time work, I was a consultant for more than 10 years and dealt with too many vendors to count. This level of service is unprecedented and beyond exceptional. Thanks, Global IT! yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 16

    Tony G.
    Owner. Allied Commercial Real Estate

    I’ve had another great experience working with the professionals at Global IT. In addition to building me a great website five years ago, Global IT has continued to help assist me in making alliedcre.com a more robust site by building in client questionnaires. With the addition of the Client Questionnaires to my website, there is a new feature to help create a better experience and interact with my clients even more. Jayme was very proactive and responsive throughout the process making it smooth and efficient. Great Job! yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 17

    Merita R.
    Owner Manager. Realty Executives Cornerstone

    Tony and his company were very professional. I hired them to build my Escrow’s website and maintain my computer systems. They took care of my company’s IT needs in a timely manner and I can always count on them to get the job done. Great quality of work! lkblank

    Testimonials – 18

    Peck C.
    President. XDK Industries

    They are the best IT service provider I ever came across. Very prompt in resolving problems and getting my requests done within hours!!! gl5 Star

    Testimonials – 19

    Hector A.
    Owner. Advantage Realty Group

    I started a new Real Estate Brokerage and was in need of serious IT help. Lucky for me I came across Tony from Global IT. He answered all my concerns and developed an affordable plan for me and my agents. Thanks, Tony and team, you guys really do a great job. yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 20

    Clifton A.
    Partner. Albright, Yee & Schmit.

    This is as good as it gets with IT service.
    We’ve been dealing with some wi-fi issues and Global IT fixed it all. Tony and his field team member Henry were easy going and very communicative.
    They itemized all the issues at hand (in bullet point) and gave me a quote. It’s been a great experience with Global IT and I would highly recommend their service.
    yt5 Star

    Testimonials – 21

    Desi C.
    Owner. Cabral Roofing & Waterproofing Corp.

    Global IT is professional and delivers their expertise well lk5 Star

    Testimonials – 22

    Tom Flores
    Owner. Toms Custom Tile

    Global IT was able to handle my IT needs like an expert, they were even able to create a very impressive website for my company. He worked side-by-side with me to ensure a detailed and professional outcome. The IT work performed and website built has been able to generate business for me, and I’ve received many compliments on it. lk5 Star