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    Global IT - In the Press

    Global IT Communications, Inc. has been featured in the press of Forbes and several other publications. Visit the page to look at our mentions in the esteemed publications.

    Top 10 Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark on Los Angeles Going into 2023
    Publisher: LA Weekly; 2023

    Rare is an early adopter of Cloud technologies, and his unwavering belief in the future of business has been a driving force behind his success. Global IT Communications has gained recognition for providing a distinctive healthy organizational culture, future-oriented innovative technologies, high-paying industry salaries, and excellent medical benefits. The company was named the Impact Company of the Year by DotCom Magazine in 2021 and has been mentioned in Forbes on multiple occasions, The Silicon Review, and Enterprise Services Outlook.

    Link to article: #7 – Anthony (Tony) Williams Raré

    Top 10 Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark on Los Angeles Going into 2023

    10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2022
    Publisher: Industry Era; 2022

    Under Tony William Rare’s direction, the company “Global IT” offers managed services and IT support in Los Angeles. They are a part of their employees’ pride. In their work and concern for the enterprise environments they serve, they offer managed IT, infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud services and excellent customer support. They desire success for their clients in their areas of expertise.
    Their five locations in Los Angeles-Whittier (2), DTLA (2), and Santa Monica & Phoenix servicing professional organizations with 50-1000+ desktop users by offering proactive and adaptable support choices.Link to article: 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2022
    Download PDF: 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2022
    10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2022

    Global IT Awarded 2021 Impact Company of The Year Award
    Publisher: DotCom Magazine; 2021

    The DotCom Magazine Impact Company of The Year 2021 Award celebrates the most important segment of the economy – America’s privately-owned companies whose Founders, CEOs, and Amazing Team Members are making an important impact on the economy.

    DotCom Magazine has honored Global IT as making a positive difference in an incredibly unique year. The DotCom Magazine 2021 Impact Company of The Year Awards celebrates shapeshifting entrepreneurs and their companies. When a company makes an impact, not only are they helping their clients, but they are also helping the world become a better place.
    Link to article: Awarded 2021 Impact Company of The Year Award


    30 Best Small Companies to Watch 2018
    Publisher: The Silicon Review; 2018

    An Interview with Anthony Williams, Global IT President: ‘We have been thriving in this industry all these years for a reason. Our operations are malleable, responsive, and efficient.’ Keeping up with the technical demands needed to run a business in today’s demanding economy successfully has proven to be challenging if not partnered with a reliable Managed Service Provider (MSP). When confronted with issues such as security threats, compromised infrastructures, decreased efficiency, and decreased performance, they often come at a hefty cost. Global IT alleviates many financial and technological constraints restricting enterprises and allowing them to focus on their business growth.
    Link to article: Global IT 30 Best Small Companies to Watch
    Download PDF: Global IT 30 Best Small Companies to Watch
    30 Best Small Companies to Watch

    Five Recommendations for Human Resource Management, Publisher: Forbes;  February 2020

    There is a need for predefined leadership criteria for all functional areas of an organization to compete with technology today. This helps identify the explicit competencies (i.e., investigative, technological, learning, and skill) that need to grow for the ongoing development of HR management and company operations.

    Link to article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2020/02/03/five-recommendations-for-human-resource-management/#4eddd09839ed

    Sustainable Business Operational Strategies, Publisher: Forbes; June 2018

    It is crucial to use the latest technology to maintain the lowest possible ongoing costs as an organization. Outsourcing facilities managed by service providers and proactive technology monitoring systems has allowed companies to streamline support, improve workflow, and become more efficient. This is all achieved along with an increase of skill-sets and workforce that ultimately aid productivity.

    Link to article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeslacouncil/2018/06/14/sustainable-business-operational-strategies/#696e3eea65e9

    Improving Gender Diversity Within Tech Companies, Publisher: Forbes; Nov 2020

    The technology industry, among others, faces an inherent gender diversity problem. Such a problem brings the limited ability to respond to other issues the sector faces and, thus, affects the industry’s future. This article explores the tech industry’s lack of gender diversity and evaluates an alternative industry, healthcare, for comparison.

    Link to Article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesbusinesscouncil/2020/11/03/improving-gender-diversity-within-tech-companies/?sh=21121f77674a

    Forbes Global IT

    Forbes Global IT

    Forbes Global IT

    Article Name: Meet Anthony Williams of Global IT
    Publisher: VoyageLA; 2017

    Global IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecom and IT, gained over decades of experience. Their technical teams can adapt to dynamic environments and offer highly technical, always cutting edge service. Few talents in the IT industry succeed to the degree Global IT does. If you are working on web-related, telecom-related, or IT-related projects, chances are Global IT can help you at a fraction of the cost and time you were probably looking at.

    Go to publisher online article: http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-anthony-tony-williams-global-president/

    Meet Anthony Williams of Global IT

    Article Name: 25 Most recommended Compliance Service Providers 2016
    Publisher: Enterprise Services Outlook; 2016

    Global IT is ranked in the top 25 recommended companies for IT compliance by Enterprise Services Outlook. ‘Together we stand, divided we fall.’ the final line of a Pink Floyd classic amply describes the constant turmoil that dire need for harmony on a cosmic scale. This harmony is vital for businesses in achieving success at any level. Hence, it has become a mandate for organizations in this IT-dominant era to embrace the transformational aspects of modern-day compliance. Today compliance standards have grown far beyond what they were a couple of decades ago. They have done so in response to the constantly upgrading IT infrastructure, which demands constant evolution. Globalization has further escalated the situation and created a greater demand for compliance that effectively conducts business globally. Global IT is a company that has been a prominent resident of the compliance sector in the United States for nearly two decades.

    Go to publisher online article: https://www.esoutlook.com/digital-magazines/Compliance-special-2016/

    Download PDF: 25-Most-recommended-Compliance-Service-Providers-2016

    Top US compliance service providers

    Best of the Best award – Best Computer Support Company
    Publisher: The Whittier Chamber of Commerce

    Global IT is proud to accept this award from the Whittier community, and we thank dearly all customers who contributed to this success. We are honored to be able to serve such a fantastic community.

    Link to Chamber website: https://www.whittierchamber.com

    Best of the Best

    Article Name: Personal Touch
    Publisher: Los Angeles Business Journal; 2012

    “In an attempt to bring the technical and creative skills of online marketing under one roof, Global IT Communications, an Internet service provider in Whittier, has purchased online add agency E Cal Media in Los Angeles for an undisclosed amount. Global IT Chief Executive Tony Williams said his company has expanded from just providing bandwidth to become a website design studio, search engine optimization consultancy, and online data tracking service. The addition of E Cal Media gives the company creative personnel, a new list of clients, and a more personable approach to dealing with customers.

    “I love doing business the old-fashioned style through meet and greet because it gives us an edge over competitors who commonly hide behind e-mail and a website.”

    View printed copy: https://globalit.com/reports/globalit/ecal-media-los-angles-business-journal-reduced.JPG

    Los Angeles Business Journal

    Ice World Article – Now Is A Better Time Than Ever to Start An Online Marketing Campaign
    Publisher: Western Ice Association; 2012

    Websites that have had the prime real estate of being placed on the first page of Google are dropping like flies. Why? Because Google has been updating its algorithms to weed out what they consider a spam website or an over-optimized website. For those of you who are not exactly sure what an algorithm is, a list of mathematical instructions tells the search engine database systems how to complete an assigned task. Google sends its Googlebot to every website in an effort to record…

    View printed copy: https://globalit.com/reports/globalit/WIA-marketing-article.pdf

    Ice World

    Global IT Acquires Gus Network America – Baldwin Park
    Publisher: Reuters; 2009

    Global IT Acquires network and data assets from Gus Networks America, a once leading Los Angeles-based ISP and Hosting Company. Reuters