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Managed IT services in Los Angeles can be found at Global IT, as Los Angeles Corporation since 2004. Keeping operations malleable, efficient, and responsive is the core mission of Global IT. Our managed IT services support customer tech initiatives, allowing clients to achieve more while minimizing costs. That’s why we have satisfied hundreds of clients in a variety of industries.

Technical Operations: Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Whittier, CA

We are conveniently located on the corner of Grand and 7th Street, downtown Los Angeles and minutes away from the 10, 110, 101, and 5 freeways. Plus with locations in Santa Monica and Whittier, our team can comfortably support customers with prompt and professional technical services.

Why Is Global IT Specifically a Good Fit for Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a diverse city that's home to healthcare, hospitals, accounting firms, manufacturers, law firms, hotels, e-commerce businesses, government agencies, schools, real estate companies, and body shops to name a few. Global IT has hands-on experience working with companies from all these industries. No matter what type of business you have, Global IT can tailor a managed IT solution that fits your needs.

Industry experience matters for companies looking for reliable IT support for their entire network. Global IT strictly adheres to industry-leading service management methodologies such as ITIL and industry compliance standards like HIPAA, SOX, SOC, PCI. Manufacturers and distributors often work outside the regular 9 to 5 business hours, so they need tech support that is available 24 hours a day. Global IT has the experience to help firms stay compliant and have 24/7 tech support for emergency situations. We have the experience to satisfy whatever IT challenges your industry brings. For tech support, help desk  & Managed IT MSP services in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Whittier, CA.

How to Choose a Managed IT Provider in Los Angeles

  1. Choose Industry Experience- Every MSP is excited to tackle work in a new industry. Yet, your better off choosing an MSP that has specific experience in your industry. For example, MSPs that have worked with accounting firms know how to keep their clients GLBA compliant.
  2. Great Reviews- 88% of businesses trust online reviews. There is a strong correlation between performance and reviews. Selecting an MSP with outstanding reviews on Yelp is much safer than the alternative.
  3. Agreeable Contract Terms- Most companies are month-to-month but that doesn't mean MSP contracts have no penalties.  Look for contracts that allow you to cancel or reduce services without incurring a large fee.
  4. On-Site Calls- Global IT tech support containers include a certain amount of on-site hours every month. However, that's not always the case. Find out if on-site hours are included. If they're not included, find out how you have to pay per hour. Also, remember that Los Angeles is a big county, and MSP's will add gas/commute to your bill. If everything else is equal, choose the MSP that's closer to you.
  5. Longevity- Los Angeles is a big town and MSPs come and go here. There's a lot to be said about stability and consistency. Choose a managed IT firm that's been around for a while.

Questions Los Angeles Business Owners Should Ask Their Managed IT Provider

  1. Do You Provide 24/7 Support?- Expect 24/7 support (at least remotely) from a rock-solid Los Angeles-based MSP.
  2. How Do You Determine Client Satisfaction?- The three most common ways are reviews, ticket satisfaction ratings, and surveys. Make sure you ask for these.
  3. What Happens in a Busy Month? Month-to-month is the industry standard and break-fix services are falling out of favor. Still, most IT companies have caps on their remote and/or on-site services. For example, here at Global IT we have unlimited remote support for all our plans and a fixed amount of on-site support, which varies depending on which tech support container you choose.
  4. How Can You Help Us Focus on Our Core Operations? Ask them about their value proposition. Also, ask them to detail their specific industry experience.
  5. Are You Proactive? A great managed IT company has a track record of preventing problems before they happen. That saves you money and time. You should be wary if an MSP can't give you detailed examples of their pro-activity.

Why Choose Global IT as Your Managed IT Provider?

  • Award-Winning Managed IT- Global IT is not only lauded by customers but also by industry professionals. For example, the Silicon Review called Global IT one of the 30 best companies to watch in 2018. Enterprise Services Outlook called Global IT one of the top 25 recommended companies for IT compliance.
  • Great Yelp Reviews- Global IT has 100% 5-star reviews on Yelp, Linked In, and Google Reviews. We have a rock-solid track record when it comes to satisfying both large and small businesses from a variety of industries.
  • Certified Techs Are Available 24/7- Global IT owns a managed co-location center in Los Angeles and has offices in Whittier. Additionally, Global IT has certified employees that work remotely all over the United States. You can expect high-level knowledge and top-quality service whenever you need it.

Managed IT Services and Tech Support in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a business Tech Support Help desk  Managed IT MSP services in Los Angeles, Global IT is the right choice. Discover more about our managed IT services today.

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