I Would Recommend Global IT 100%!

Phil Baxter the general manager of the Four Points Sheraton was worried about his Yelp reviews.

Guests were complaining about his rivals slow wi-fi and wi-fi outages. These flustered visitors were taking their complaints to Yelp, driving down their ratings. Phil was concerned he would be next.  After all, his internet speed was average at best. Average wasn’t good enough for Phil. He wanted top-tier wi-fi speed. More importantly, he wanted to 100% safeguard against an outage. If customers lost their Wi-fi access for one night, they would take their complaints straight to Yelp.

Phil wasn’t going to let that happen. He decided to do a comprehensive search for IT companies.  Besides improving his wi-fi, he wanted someone reliable to manage his IT. After a lot of research, Phil found Global IT.

“We needed a soup to nuts IT solution for the Four Points by Sheraton LAX. After interviewing a number of firms we chose Global IT. They handled the needs of our group and catering business as well as taking control of our WIFI, telecommunication, and administrative needs for the 566-room property at LAX. They are 100% reliable. This is critical in the 24/7 hotel business when systems can fail at any time and materially affect our customer satisfaction and bottom-line. I would recommend Global IT 100%! ”