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Tech Support Help Desk and Managed IT Services in Vernon, CA

Tech support in Vernon can be found at Global IT. The core mission of Global IT is to help our clients thrive in the rapidly changing technological landscape. Global IT is engineered for performance from the ground up, bypassing common utilization and aggregation issues. We maintain 100% uptime for our customers via our industry-leading fiber-optic networks located in our expansive data center facility in Los Angeles, California. Global IT is proud to have 100% five-star rankings on Yelp, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

Why Global IT Is Specifically a Good Fit for Companies in Vernon

Vernon is home to over 1,800 businesses, many of which are manufacturing/distribution companies. Global IT provides tech support to manufacturers/distributors such as XDK Industries and Penn Records Management, California-based manufacturers that are very satisfied with our service. We understand that manufacturers often operate outside the traditional 9 to 5 work schedule. Our wide-ranging IT team is located in several different places throughout the United States so we're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More Uptime, Less Worry

  1. Managed IT Services- Our managed IT services ensure that your equipment and software doesn't fail, saving you from hours of expensive downtime.
  2. Managed ISP- Global IT offers businesses lightning-fast internet with no downtime.
  3. Managed Cloud Services- The cloud experience involves hardware, software, data centers, and networks. Managing this infrastructure and keeping everything running smoothly requires skilled engineers or a managed IT company with years of experience.
  4. Managed Colocation Services- Maintaining servers on-site poses a variety of challenges for businesses. They require an ample amount of power, manufacture copious amounts of noise, and have special cooling requirements. That's why industrial companies of all sizes elect to use traditional colocation, storing their computer equipment in a 3rd party facility. However, equipment must be maintained, even when it's in a secure third-party colocation. Software needs to be updated, and hardware failures must be remedied. Global IT's managed colocation services take care of these issues for the customer, giving them peace of mind.
  5. Managed Internet Security- Some companies have obsolete email systems like POP3 or IMAP. These infrastructures have sub-optimal inbox syncing and email backup capabilities. Global IT makes it effortless to transfer over Hosted Email Exchange which fixes all these problems.

Global IT's managed IT offers more services, such as managed compliance, telecom services, disaster recovery, and much more. For a complete list of services, scroll over the services drop-down menu, which is on our homepage.

Finding the Best Tech Support in Vernon, California

If you're looking for business tech support in Vernon, consider Global IT. We have clients like you and 100% 5-star rankings on Yelp.

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