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Discover the advantage by gaining support from certified technicians and engineers when you need it available 24/7.

Global IT managed services systems and technical teams reduce the overhead of time, money and resources required to maintain company IT services and infrastructure.

Expertise that proactive monitors infrastructure, network flow, computer and applications for performance, intrusion detection, and other issues.

Gain trust by viewing your account services online. The online portal allows you to manage your services efficiently. Access technical information, review bandwidth graphs, request help, along with much more

All support Engineers are industry certified in Cisco, Microsoft and Linux. Each team member has experience working in diverse technical environments and can achieve results efficiently.

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Global IT Managed Services include, but are not limited to

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Global IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecom and IT, gained from over decades of experience. Their technical teams have the ability to adapt to dynamic environments and offer highly technical, always cutting edge service.
           There is few talent in the IT industry who succeed to the degree Global IT does. If you are working on web related, telecomm related or IT related projects, chances are Global IT can help you at a fraction of the cost and time you were probably looking at  

- Walter Conn, President, Charles Dunn Company

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