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Global IT is a relationship-based, customer-focused IT (Information Technology), and Cloud services provider. For more than 17+ years Global IT has prospered in the Information Technology business, earning the respect of companies both large and small with specialized technical skills from our dedicated employees, with a real understanding of the required technical tasks, and an unwavering ability to achieve targets and objectives. We operate seamlessly from multiple company controlled data center facilities and offices across the US and all designed around providing operational continuity for our diverse business customers.

We’ve been around for so long for a reason… We’re malleable, responsive, and efficient.

Our core mission is to ensure that our clients succeed in a rapidly evolving, technology-based world. They succeed when they have the right tools and the most skilled technical personnel. And that’s exactly what we provide. Global IT utilizes industry leading technologies, systems, partners, network operators, and workflow training that help our customers grow. Maintaining 100% up-time with Data Center operations in New York and Los Angeles. We are multi-homed with diverse 10+ Gbps. connections into leading fiber optic networks.

Whittier Colocation data centerGlobal IT – “Engineered for performance” Global IT is multi-homed and geographically positioned on the edge of merging networks. Our data center locations are geographically selected based on network performance, up-time, and responsiveness. We are located within the footprint of the 3rd largest data center facilities in the world and largest on the US West Coast. This provides advantages like: minimized costly downtime, bypasses common utilization or aggregation issues, provides more options, faster connection and response times from other networks, and ultimately allows Global IT to have an edge over competition by providing unbeatable performance. Within the Global IT cloud, customers have the opportunity to exchange information faster and more efficient than competitors. In 2017, Global IT continues to expand its vision and business operations to include…

  • Managed IT (MSP)
  • Managed ISP
  • Managed Cloud
  • Dedicated server and virtual server hosting
  • High speed dedicated internet, EoC and fiber internet services
  • Internet security, VPN, firewall and network management
  • Dedicated data centers, co-location and virtual servers, “Cloud”
  • Custom internet fiber builds
  • Custom website development
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), website marketing (SEM)
  • Virtual office solutions with fax and voicemail to E-mail, VoIP
  • Telco services (SIP, PRI, analog)
  • Aggregate telecom and vendor billing, single invoicing
  • IVR and call center services
  • Web and E-mail hosting
  • Email archiving
  • Cloud backup
  • www software integrations & custom web development
  • Technical support & technology consulting
Utilizing the best in class modular infrastructure, green technologies, true Tier-1 networks, enterprise software, systems and partners. Global IT™ maintains 100% up-time for our Web Hosting / Data Center operations.

Multi-homed with diverse redundant 10Gbps links cross connected into Level3, GTT, Internap, Cogent, Time Warner, Verizon, ATT, and PCCW ISP fiber optic networks. This allows Global IT to maintain incredible internet speed response timing, more up-time, lowest possible latency for customers and our customers-customers.

Global IT managed ISP services includes fiber, EoC / fast-E, Coax, & copper connectivity into all major networks.

Global IT is an American family owned, small business, equal opportunity employer, and privately held corporation based in Los Angeles.