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Remote Call Forward ( RCF )

Remote call forwarding ( RCF ) allows businesses to keep any phone number and remote call forwards inbound calls into another number or location anywhere throughout USA.

RCF allows customers to continue to call a number that is no longer in use, and still be able to reach the business they were trying to contact.  No business wants a customer to be greeted with a dial tone or out of service voice recording when trying to reach them.

RCF is commonly used with the following circumstances
  • Businesses which are moving locations and want to keep main & fax phone numbers
  • Business consolidation, when consolidating locations you can RCF the location numbers to a corporate or another location to maintain inbound calls
  • A number that is not in use anymore but would like to keep
  • Advertising, marketing adds for out of market numbers
    • i.e. RCF number from Los Angeles (213) forwarded to (818)

Typically one call path is given with a remote call forwarding system, which means only one customer is allowed to call the out of service number and be redirected to the correct number at a time.  For each additional path, there will be an additional fee.

Global IT RCF services include:
  • RCF includes two (2) paths = 2 calls at one time
  • The originating callers caller id is forwarded
  • Inbound calling is an additional charge for the cost to transport the call between markets/locations
  • Flat rate minute buckets are offered in the following options
    • 500 Minutes
    • 1000 Minutes
    • 2000 Minutes<



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