A well-engineered wireless infrastructure tailored specifically for uptime and speed is essential for any business.

Global IT wireless and network design teams will provide end-to-end consulting and installation through the process of selecting the appropriate hardware, procurement, cabling, installation, configuring and testing prior to going live.

Smart Wireless Technology:

Smart Technology ensures maximum coverage and consistent performance at longer ranges and reliability of connection.

  • Bandwidth management
  • Cloud controllers
  • Fully managed wireless solutions
  • Outdoor access points
  • Power over Ethernet – POE
  • VPN alternative net options
  • Wireless security, separate LANs
  • VoIP design & implementation
  • Maintenance contracts


Heat Map Surveys validate maximum coverage and performance of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands to meet enterprise expectations.

  • Visual and verbal assessment to determine problem areas
  • Verify that individual APs are operational
  • Check the VLANs of each SSID
  • Verify wireless coverage
  • Double-check channel assignments
  • Check Power Settings are providing optimum performance
  • Check interference
  • Run speed tests to evaluate performance
  • Note exact AP locations
  • Make sure that admin access is secured