Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)

Welcome to your Man-in-the-Middle (MITM)

Should you connect your device into the public the following networks?
If I connect into an open unknown or neighboring network, is it safe to enter private information such as passwords, bank account information, etc.?
What is an SSL certificate, and what does it do?
(Check all that apply)
Should I enter private information into a website that doesn’t have an SSL?


Welcome to your Ransomware

Which of the following is an indication of ransomware?

Password Attacks – Brute force

Welcome to your Password Attacks – Brute force

The following password policies should be used
(Check all that apply)


Welcome to your Malware/Adware/Spyware/Viruses

How do you respond to the following behaviours?
a) When I am visiting a website page and I get an alert that I need to do a scan on my computer because a virus was detected.
How do you respond to the following behaviours?
b) When I receive pop-ups saying I have to perform an update
How does a virus/adware/malware become installed?
What is more dangerous?
Define Malware
Define Adware
Define a Virus
When downloading something using your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Bing, Safari, etc.), for example, an update to adobe flash or something else. Software often provides free trial software included in the download update, for example, free anti-virus from MacAfee. Should you?
When a browser asks me to save cookies, what are they, and what should I do?

Insider Attacks

Welcome to your Insider Attacks

If I notice unusual user activity, who should I report it to?

Denial of Service (DoS)

Welcome to your Denial of Service (DoS)

Which of these are potential DDoS attack targets?
Can my computer be used as a DDoS by a hacker?


Welcome to your Phishing

How do I verify if an email or link is legitimate?
(Check all that apply)
When you visit a website and are interested in advertising:

Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Welcome to your Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Is it okay to connect a personal USB or device into a computer?