Enterprise Business Tech Support Package


$10,850.00 $8,450.00

IT Support package comes packaged with all components needed to manage enterprise operations. Includes unlimited remote and 50hrs on-site technical support with discounted project hours for 100-200 devices.

  1. – Unlimited remote support
  2. – 50hrs. onsite preventative maintenance and support
  3. – Monitor system and network health
  4. – Actively monitor security status
  5. – Proactively engage with users
  6. – Track and work with 3rd party vendors
  7. – Long and short term planning
  8. – Hardware/software sourcing

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IT Tech Support Los Angeles Enterprise Large Business Package

Global IT support plans are packaged with all IT elements for supporting businesses, for example, on-site and help desk support, maintenance, new builds and projects, proactive monitoring systems, security, compliance, training and all with superior customer service. Containers are billed at a lower than standard monthly rate and are month to month. Global IT systems and staff work hard every day, earning your business while keeping IT flowing.

Our enterprise tech support plans are for businesses with 100-200 devices. They contain unlimited remote and up-to 50hrs on-site tech support every month with discounted project hours. Also, there’s a 24/7/365 hotline for your IT emergencies. Moreover, all tech support containers have options for discounted cloud and telecom services.

$8450 /Month-to-month includes:

  1. Unlimited remote support
  2. 50hrs. onsite preventative maintenance and support
  3. 5 x call-out / site-visit travel fees
  4. Monitor system and network health
  5. Actively monitor security status
  6. Proactively engage with users
  7. Work with 3rd party vendors
  8. Long and short term planning
  9. Hardware/software sourcing

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