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International Colocation

International colocation data centers provide businesses outside of the U.S. the opportunity to avoid unnecessary overhead costs without establishing a physical presence or personnel within the USA.

Through experience, our experts bring an advanced understanding of advanced voice and data technology operations around the world. Based in Los Angeles, one of the largest aggregation points for network operators in need of high performing, low latency network services and performance. Global IT can guarantee network performance and provide technical personnel to be your remote hands, eyes, and ears.

Advantages for international colocation data centers:

  • Guaranteed uptime
  • Local, on-site technical staff, network engineers
  • Fast cross connection access to multiple network providers
  • Fiber, Ethernet, T1, Cable, Wireless
  • Flat rate local access
  • BGP fail-over routing
  • Support on-site every day of the year, every hour of each day
  • Telco rack space
  • Virtual servers for managed data backup and storage
  • Small or large static IP blocks
  • Safe and secure long or short-term environment options
  • Month to month options
  • Move in deals

High performing servers and networks for international colocation data centers:

  • Locations in Los Angeles, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York
  • SAS 70 Type II facility certified
  • Power and backup power redundancy:
    • Backup UPS with N+1 capacity
    • Failover UPS (uninterrupted power supply) basement level
    • Failover UPS (uninterrupted power supply) suite, floor level
    • Redundant Data Center power generators (QTY x 3, with 2 weeks of fuel)
    • Six 2,000 Kw. Caterpillar generators (20,000 Gallons of fuel)
  • Temperature, humidity monitoring, and control
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Infrastructure redundancy using redundant data center grade switches
  • Large nationwide OC-192 or 100Gbps network footprint with Data Center locations in prime metropolitan, Internet Aggregation areas
  • 2Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps infrastructure backbone options
  • Redundant fiber connecting into diverse, true Tier-1 award-winning backbones
  • BGP, peering facility with 200+ network operators
  • Intrusion detection:
    • 24/7 technical services and monitoring of systems
    • 24/7 onsite physical security; security guards, motion detectors, security cameras, card-key access, individually locked cabinets and cages
  • Blade, SAN, NAS and direct-attached hardware configurations
  • Server and Software pre-installed and ready for your use
  • Support for multiple platforms such as VMware ESXi, HyperV, XEN, KVM, Windows, Centos, Red Hat, Open BSD, Free BSD, Debian, Entoo, MySQL, MSSQL, and more.
  • Virtual Server Options
    • BRAM – 1GB – 1TB RAM Options
    • Processors – 1 – 2 Processors
    • Cores – 4 – 8 Core Options
    • HDD – 100GB – 48TB Options
    • RAID – 1 – 10 Options
    • IP Addresses – 1 – 256 Static IP options
    • OS – Linux, Windows
    • Bandwidth – 1Mbps – 100Gbps Bandwidth options
    • Load balancer options
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Customized design
  • Expedient implementation

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