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TOLL FREE - ITFS, International Toll Free Service

  1. Would you like a new (Vanity) toll free number reserved for you?
  2. Would you like improved toll free rates?
  3. Are you looking to offer more customer service than your competition?

Global IT carriers choices which provides Toll-Free services allows business customers an easy way to connect to customer support, sales offices or other company office locations using a toll-free access number (ex. 800, 866, 877, or 888 prefix). Or, Toll-Free services can be used to connect employees to your LAN, field offices or even to check voicemail when they are away from the office. Carrier Toll free offers high-quality, feature rich long distance and toll-free services using reliable high-capacity fiber-optic networks that are ideal for small, growing and large businesses.

In many cases Toll free numbers can be ported or turned up within the same day.

Toll free numbers can be routed to the following

  • Land lines
  • Cell phones
  • Dedicated T1's or T3's
  • DID's
  • Business & Residential lines

Coupled with a single point of contact, competitive pricing and a combined invoice, carrier Toll-Free Service is a simple way for businesses to:

  • Enhance inbound call management
  • Create new business opportunities by extending geographic boundaries
  • Offer toll-free service to North American callers or International callers


  • Programmed to any existing phone lines (can be business, cellular or even a new business number
  • Vanity numbers
  • Regular statements showing originating phone numbers and lengths of each call
  • Contribution to long distance volume discounts
  • World class Customer Care

International Toll free Service (ITFS)

International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) allows you to set up a local presence on an international scale. You can support international customers and employees without the added expense of setting up local offices. ITFS also allows you to support your employees with toll-free access to your offices, your LAN, and voice mail. ITFS is available in both the traditional ITFS format and in the Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) format.

Traditional ITFS

  • A Country Local Toll Free access number widely recognized in the country of origin - giving the impression of a local presence
  • No international dialing prefix is necessary
  • Widely available around the world
  • Multiple numbers can be assigned to enable customers with call centers to take advantage of distributed call handling by language, time zone, knowledge and cultural variations

Universal International freephone Service

  • One single Toll fee number that can be used in multiple countries
  • UIFN numbers are permanently assigned
  • Vanity numbers can be requested to support company branding around the world

Enhanced Toll free services

  • Real Time Automatic Number Identification (ANI) Delivery
  • Call Area Selection
  • Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS)
  • Call Overflow Routing
  • Disconnect Message Referral
  • Payphone Blocking
  • Alternate Routing/Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Percent Allocation Routing
  • Geographic Based Routing
  • Holiday/Day of Year (DOY) Routing
  • Time of Day (TOD)/Time Interval Routing
  • Day of Week (DOW) Routing

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