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While network operators may have been using VoIP for years, Global IT realizes this may be a new step for your business. VoIP offers businesses additional opportunities for productivity by offering the latest in technology performance, additional features and functions that can enhance and improve the way you do business.

Some benefits & features of VoIP

  • Vendor neutral
  • SIP sessions or trunking with DID's
  • Keep you phone numbers or order new (LNP)
  • Use Global IT to evaluate and supply multiple vendor proposals for your consideration
  • Installation and application integrations
  • Ongoing support with tracking
  • Make recommendations for improvements or maintain uptime and call quality
  • Consolidated carrier connections
  • Use internet connections
  • Web based reporting and statistics
  • We use the highest quality SS7 networks for reliable trouble free calling (other companies may not)
  • Low cost calling, flat rate or rate per minute
  • Connect to multiple locations using your VoIP WAN and the internet
  • Simple extension dialing between remote locations
  • 911 emergency (location verification required)

Feel free to ask us questions to better understand if your business is ready for VoIP.

VoIP may not be the best fit for all companies. Contact us to find out if your business is ready for VoIP.

PRI, T1 and Analog line service

Global IT offers many choices for telecommunications solutions which fit all business needs. You can turn to us for your future carrier telecom and data carrier services, management and analysis and ensure the highest quality at the most up to date pricing from all our selected carriers. Global IT works with the carrier and Phone Vendor to ensure the project is completed as required trouble free and on time.

  • Loops
  • Local access
  • T1 voice services
  • Digital or analog T1 options
  • PRI voice services
  • DID blocks
  • DID forwarding
  • Pots converting to DID's
  • Unlimited calling options
  • Low cost calling inbound Toll free & outbound termination
  • Low cost international calling options
  • VOIP

All our direct telecom solutions are of the highest quality and reliability that you can count on, we constantly manage your account by representing the carrier at a more personal level; at any time you can turn to us or the carrier for support and account maintenance.


Global IT list of vendors include all major voice & data Tier-1 network operators and this allows Global IT better management of market access. Global IT brings in depth fiber, network reach knowledge, information and competitive pricing to better support your wholesale business needs.

  • Domestic local access
  • International local access
  • USA Toll free origination
  • International Toll free origination
  • Resborg
  • Voice Termination
  • A-Z Termination
  • Competitive rates
  • Carrier Direct Connects
  • VOIP SIP: H323/G711/G729
  • Favorable terms
  • Quality routes and ASR's
  • Redundant backup carriers

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