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The businesses in Beverly Hills, California expect only the best products and services, Global IT delivers quality IT solutions. Not only do we have an army of engineers and technicians that are trained and certified to work on the industry's most popular platforms, but we also offer comprehensive services utilizing the very latest in networking technology.

Global IT can help your Beverly Hills business take advantage of everything that cloud computing has to offer. We can create comprehensive cloud backup plans for all of your data, and we can manage all of your cloud productivity and storage applications as well.

When it comes to the functionality of your network, our experts have you covered. Our team gives quality services for network and desktop power management, including contingency planning for complete power loss at every part of your network. Each of our customers gets a disaster management and recovery plan that makes sure that all of your data is restored in the event your hardware or software fails.

We offer comprehensive UPS monitoring and maintenance for all of your networking hardware. Our managed cloud services connect our clients to reliable uninterruptable power supplies to make sure that no data is lost when the power goes out.

Your business is growing fast, and you need to make sure that you have the right hardware and software in place to accommodate your growing needs. Our hardware and software management, offers comprehensive technology procurement services as well. Our technology consulting experts will make sure that the equipment you use will keep pace with all of your future business plans.

Today's modern businesses often require a variety of networking environments to be able to work together to accomplish all of the company's goals. Some companies like to use Linux for their wireless networks, and connect to a Cisco network to access their database servers. We have the experience and the equipment to create any type of networking environment you need, and we will also manage your multiple environments with a high degree of precision.

The Internet has enabled instant communication between companies in the form of email and video teleconferencing, and we will make sure that your external and internal communication channels are secure and operating properly at all times. When you are ready to discuss business with a new customer or your research and development team, Global IT will make sure that your ideas come across loud and clear to the person on the other end.

Our managed IT, MSP services will save your company money, and help your business to grow. Give Global IT a call and see how we can make your business better through the proper use of technology.

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Global IT has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in telecom and IT, gained from over decades of experience. Their technical teams have the ability to adapt to dynamic environments and offer highly technical, always cutting edge service.
           There is few talent in the IT industry who succeed to the degree Global IT does. If you are working on web related, telecomm related or IT related projects, chances are Global IT can help you at a fraction of the cost and time you were probably looking at  

- Walter Conn, President, Charles Dunn Company

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